2017-2018 Life Lessons

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What are Life Lessons?

Some people call it adult education, but we see it as relevant teaching for real life. We’re calling our Wednesday night electives “Life Lessons” because we cover topics that will impact the quality of your everyday lives.

Life Lessons is only one piece of a fully integrated faith experience on Wednesday nights designed to lead the entire family into a deeper, more personal relationship with Christ. A full complement of nursery and children’s ministry classes are also offered for age birth – Grade 5.  In addition, Thrive Youth Ministries provides a dynamic service for middle and high school students in the Student Center. We encourage you to take advantage of Wednesday night activities as an entire family!

A great way to connect

If you are new to the CCC family, attending on Wednesday nights is a great way to connect more meaningfully with others. Regular participation in adult classes, choir or serving in the nursery, youth or children’s ministry provides unique opportunities to build relationships and meet new friends as you learn or serve together!

What People are Saying

“Life Lessons transformed my marriage.”
“A light bulb moment… it made us take a good look at ourselves and our marriage.”
“These messages enable us to walk in liberty. “
“You connected all the dots for me… you’re onto something huge here.”
“One of the most engaging classes I’ve ever attended.”
“Wow, eye opening, entertaining, and practical help – just in time.”
“I’ve heard sermons for the better part of 50 years; I do not recall a more concise, informative, clarifying presentation on the topic of how God can live in us… I will never, ever be the same!“

Life Lessons are offered in six different categories:

Connecting: Going deeper than learning about marriage, family and relationships, but learning to connect in these relationships in a more satisfying way

Exploring: Going further than simply studying God’s Word, but exploring how its truth can change our lives

Reaching: More profound than learning about missions, but reaching those we can influence and influencing those He desires to reach.

Leading: Going beyond just being involved, but preparing us to lead well in whatever area we are called to serve.

Living: More profound than accumulating information, but transforming us to live life to the fullest.

Developing: More than discipleship, it is an intentional process of spiritual growth and development.